A full range of dental care is proposed:
• Best conditions
• Dental care quality
• Fastness and precision of interventions
• Hygiene

Our goal is to see our patients coming back home with a big satisfactory smile. Our dentistry, our philosophy:
For us the relationship patient-practitioner is fundamental. We are attached to this characteristic value of medicine. Of this direct link depends largely on the success of the treatment.
Dices the 1st consultation, your dentist will not be anymore this stranger whom you meet only the day of the care.
You will find your dentist in Beirut, Lebanon. For you, it will not be anymore an adventure, but the journey towards people whom you know already personally. After return to your country, this reliable link will continue.

First Consultation
A- Constitution of the medical file
B- Various possibilities of treatments
C- Dental casts
D- X Rays
E- Free consultation

Is a technique to ameliorate and brighter your smile 2 techniques of bleaching:
1- in office (laser)
A process which treats the discoloration of the enamel and the dentine Takes around 1 hour 4 to 6 shades amelioration

2- Dental trays (gouttière)
Your dentist will take dental casts to your teeth and confectionnate the trays who will be given to you the next day with 5 tubes of carbamide peroxide. Few hours a day for 10 days (at home)

3- Combined technique
Laser + gouttière(1-2 tubes): for a better maintenance In some cases.

Veneers (facettes céramiques):
Very fine preparations
Short time of realization (2 or 3 sessions): 10 days
We can select the color, so that teeth seem clearer and modify the shape, volume and length of teeth

dental5 Crowns and bridges:
The manufacturing of the dental bridge requires 3 visits at the dentist during an approximate stay of 7 days. Or of twice in 2 days
• emphasize your smile
• rehabilitate your chewing habits
• rehabilitate your phonation
• maintain the balance of your jaws
• remodel the shape of your face
• distribute fairly the strengths of chewing to create a general harmony in your mouth
• stabilize your natural teeth and so prolong their lives on the dental arch

Different kinds of crowns:
• Metal-Ceramic
• All Ceramic
• Zircon-Ceramic

It consists of rehabilitation of the anterior teeth shown while smiling by veneers or crowns (all ceramics)10 teeth/maxillary

Endodontics ( Root canals)
• Anterior teeth: 1 canal
• Premolars: 2 canals
• Molars: 3/ 4 canals

2 phases:
1- Surgical phase: implant placement inside the bone (study + surgery+ rest : around 3 days)
2- Prosthetic phase: after 2 or 3 months Crown placement on the implant

TMJ Disorders (Temporo-Mandibular Joints)
(douleur de la machoire au niveau des articulations)
Treatment of facial and jaws pain via occlusal trays
2 appointments (2 days)

Gums care and surgeries
Treatment of gum problems, bleeding gums, swollen gums, red gums and bad breath
• Deep cleaning and scaling within 24 hours
• Gum surgery to remove pockets
• Tooth extraction
• Wisdom tooth

dental4 Wisdom surgical tooth Composite (white fillings)
This includes decay treatments and bondings (Many teeth can be treated in 1 session)

Cleaning + polish + motivation

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